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About Goto Aquaculture Institute, Co.,Ltd.

Goto Aquaculture Institute is a venture company, doing research and development, manufacturing, and sales in the field of aquaculture feed and medicines.
We supply about 35% of all fish farmers in Japan.
Our team of aquaculture veterinarians and business consultants contribute to the advancement of aquaculture business by providing up-to-date information on feed, medicine, equipment, hatchling, and sales of the farmed fish.

Message from our President, Kiyoshi Goto

Aiming To Be A Pioneer in the Business of Aquaculture

Our company philosophy: “Get ahead of changes”.

Today, our societies and economies are changing with great speed at global level. It is our mission to always get ahead of those changes, so that no matter how things may change, we can continue to serve our customers and society at our best. If a company is valued by customers and society, it can also prosper.

We are determined to be challengers, thinking in a global perspective and providing new and high value-added products and services. In order to contribute to our important customers and society, we promise to work honestly, scrupulously, and untiringly.
Let us be your trusted business partner.

Goto Aquaculture Institute, Co.,Ltd.

President & Chief Executive Officer  Kiyoshi Goto

Our Business

We are a team of challengers with a strong will to make breakthroughs and create a better future.
In 1990, Goto Aquaculture Institute was founded as a unique group of technicians, with the specialized staffs including veterinarians, pharmacists, and aquaculture experts.
Our staffs work as aquaculture doctors and consultants, and give assistance and advices on optimal feed, equipment, and selection of hatchlings.
In our research on fish feed and medicine, we obtained many patents in Japan and internationally, bringing innovation to the aquaculture technology.

Consulting and sales of farmed fish feed

Our sales representatives, as aquaculture doctors and consultants, visit fish farmers daily to give best advices on selections of fish feed for our customers.

Manufacturing, consulting, and sales of nutritious supplement for farmed fish

We fully utilize our network of fisheries specialists in various universities, national research laboratories, and aqua farms to gain know-how and to develop our unique nutritional supporting supplements.
Also, we provide in-depth consulting in the area of nutritional supplement, optimized specifically for each aqua farms so that our customers can grow healthy fish.

Introducing various aquaculture equipment

Our staffs visit many places in Japan and all over the world, in order to collect information on various machine and equipment that help modernizing and obtaining high-efficiency in aquaculture. We also challenge in developing such technology ourselves.

Some systems that we have introduced are:
– LIFT UP system from Norway: Mort collection system
– Mitani System: special fish cage for tuna farming and red tide control

Based on our experience and know-how, we exchange technical information with various manufacturers and vendors, allowing us to provide cutting-edge information to our customers.

Promoting sales of farmed fish all over Japan

We help promote sales of farmed fish such as yellowtail, greater amberjack, and red sea bream, all over Japan.
In 2000, we helped establish Kanoya Fillet Co.,Ltd. which has automated fillet making factories, and contributed to improve the profitability of fish farmers.

Our company promotes high quality and safety of domestic farmed fish at trade shows such as Japan Seafood Show, trying to expand the demand for farmed fish.



3-1-4-4F, Irumagawa, Sayama, Saitama, 350-1305

TEL: +81-4-2955-0555

Central Laboratory

883 Shimo-okutomi, Sayama, Saitama, 350-1332


<Irumagawa Factory>

3175-9 Irumagawa, Sayama, Saitama, 350-1305

<Shin-sayama Factory

558-10 Shimo-okutomi, Sayama, Saitama, 350-1332


<Tarumizu Branch>
48 Tagami, Tarumizu, Kagoshima, 891-2104
TEL: +81-994-32-1000

<Azumacho Branch>
907-47 Shoura, Nagashima-cho, Izumi-gun, Kagoshima, 899-1403
TEL: +81-996-86-0364

<Amakusa Branch>
3-1 Minatomachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto, 863-0021
TEL: +81-969-24-3522

<Kamae Branch>
26-3 Kamae Hatanoura, Saeki, Oita, 876-2201
TEL: +81-972-45-5810

Ascend Kanda Building

(Company owned real estate)

10-2 Kanda Tomiyama-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Japan Railways, Kanda Station, East Exit (4 minutes walk)
Tokyo Metro Subways, Ginza Line, Kanda Station, Exit #3 (3 minutes walk)
Toei Subways, Shinjyuku Line, Iwamotocho Station, Exit A1 (3 minutes walk)

Steel-reinforced concrete, Aboveground 7 floors,
Underground 1 floor

Ground floor area
600 square meters

Total floor area
4,060 square meters

Corporate Profile

Company NameGoto Aquaculture Institute, Co.,Ltd.
Founded March 1990
Head Office3-1-4-4F, Irumagawa, Sayama, Saitama, 350-1305, Japan
Main Phone Number
/Fax Number
Tel +81-4-2955-0555
Fax +81-4-2952-0027
Representing officer Kiyoshi Goto, President
Capital50,000,000 YEN
(2020Fiscal Year)
Number of Employee68
Bank of AccountMitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation, Tokorozawa Branch
Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Banking Corporation, Tokorozawa Branch
Japan Finance Corporation (Nihon Seisaku Kinyu Kouko), Tokyo Branch

Board Members


President & Chief Executive OfficerKiyoshi Goto
Board Member, Vice PresidentSatoshi Kouno
Senior Managing DirectorYoshirou Demizu
Managing directorKenta Uraminami
DirectorMichiko Goto
DirectorYukari Goto
DirectorShunsuke Koshio
AdvisorKazuyoshi Honkawa
Honorary Institute DirectorTeruyuki Nakanishi


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